I am a software engineer from NYC.
I used to build buildings, mostly tall, and mostly concrete.

My first experiences with a computer were playing DOOM and drawing troll dolls using MS Paint. I was really good at it — Paint that is — I never got into video games.

I almost failed my first programming class in college, and for some context, I graduated magna cum laude from my engineering school, so almost failing classes was not a thing I did a lot. I did not think I would one day be a professional software developer, but here I am, kicking ass and taking names.

I love my job and I love my coder community and I’m exceedingly grateful for everyone that supported me on my road to get here.

  :clair           => "said I was smart enough",
  :jeff            => "showed me what loving your job looks like",
  :my_camp_at_BM   => "had me so jealous of their coding skills that I changed careers",
  :andrew_and_matt => "taught me at General Assembly",
  :my_husband      => "wouldn't recognize me without the glow of a laptop reflected on my face"

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