Protected: Polymer Web Components and the Shadow DOM

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I’ve spent the better part of my life online. Journeying from site to site on whim, absorbing information like a sponge. I’ll find something innovative, like the latest robotics or medical breakthroughs; then I might sway towards personal gain, like the best things to say in a resume/on a job interview; next I might get distracted from all that career stuff and just start reading trashy how-to-be-happy research. This might lead into reading about all of the things that might kill you after prolonged use. (FYI, it’s:
I try to not degenerate fully into watching heart-warming cat videos but really anything is up for grabs. I have done this mostly to avoid whatever work I actually should be doing, and I’ve learned a lot in the process.
One thing I didn’t learn though is how to contribute. How to get over the fear of becoming one of those people who are digitally heckled with ridiculous yet still hurtful commentary. Or harder still, is getting over the fear of saying something so profoundly stupid that it would make a more knowledgeable person go:
It’s akin to standing in the shower with the curtain drawn and instead of your bathroom on the other side, there’s a football stadium packed with judgmental people. ummmm… can someone pass me a towel? or 20?! But in light of my new and shiny career move and the desire to become a member of a terrifyingly smart community of web developers, hackers, computer scientists and engineers, I recognize that there are really beautiful reasons to overcome my fears. So as my life as a mere consumer of the interwebs starkly comes an to end, I need to get over not knowing if “starkly” is the right word to say in that sentence and just hit SUBMIT. And what an apt word that is.